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Empress II Horned Headdress - In Stock

Empress II Horned Headdress - In Stock

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This headdress is in stock and ready to ship. It features two large spiral horns and a double set of filigree crowns. Black beaded trim surrounds the headdress and the horns are decorated with lengths of chain accented with tiny skulls and crossbones.

One of the central crowns features a skull centerpiece. The feathers forming the crown are made up of an array of pheasant feathers backed by undyed feathers in natural browns, black, and tan. The base of the headdress is covered in black diamond rhinestones. 

The headdress has an adjustable metal frame that can be gently bent to adjust and it has an elastic strap that adjusts in the back for comfort. The underside of the headdress is padded for comfort and the entire headdress weighs less than 2 pounds.

This piece ships in a very large box. It is the recipients responsibility to make sure their address can accept large packages.

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