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Hell's Concubine Bone Headdress- Made to Order

Hell's Concubine Bone Headdress- Made to Order

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This is a large scale headdress. It features large size ram horns with vertebra and skull details in front with a centerpiece of a horned cougar skull. The vertebra extend in a spine all the way through the center of the headdress down a tail that ends in chained jewels and spine pendants. The horns, skulls and vertebra all have LED lights that can flash in 8 different patterns or burn steady on. They are powered by a AA battery pack and the batteries last between 16-20 hours. You can use rechargeable batteries.

The entire headdress weighs just under two pounds. The weight is carried toward the back of the headdress so the chin strap is necessary. The skull cap of the headdress has elastic bands that keep it tight to the head and leather straps through the back of the head and under the chin.

The two wings of the headdress have a mix of of feathers including pheasant and peacock eyes.

Each one of these pieces is handcrafted individually. These ship in a very large box. When ordering you need to make sure your address can accept large packages. We cannot ship to PO boxes. All headdress sales are final. The turn around (time before shipping) for this item is 6-8 weeks. If you need this item for a specific date please let us know when you order. If we are not informed when the item is ordered we cannot guarantee delivery by the needed date and we do not cancel orders after 24 hours.

Do not expose your headdress to high heat (like leaving it in a car). Should the feathers become matted they can be refluffed with steam (like a clothing steamer). It will ship with a styrofoam mannequin head and we recommend storing it this way, not on its side. Further care instructions will come with the headdress.

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