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Horror Headdress- Inner Child - In Stock

Horror Headdress- Inner Child - In Stock

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Warning for fake gore and body horror

This headdress is a departure from my usual style. It is a horror theme using destroyed doll parts and stuffed animals combined with fake book, teeth, and eyes. Two large horns spear two teddy bears that have had limbs amputated.

The crown is made up of doll parts that have been augmented with teeth and eyes.

This headdress would be an interesting addition to a horror theme event or theatrical production/haunted house. It is one of a kind and I will not be making another. If you're looking to make a statement for Halloween this could be right up your alley.

The headdress is on a metal frame that can be adjusted to fit. It also has an adjustable elastic band for security. The underside of the headdress is padded for comfort. It is in stock and ready to ship. Headdresses ship in very large boxes and are securely packed.

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