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Hunter Headdress- Icarus Collection

Hunter Headdress- Icarus Collection

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Hunter is the first headdress in the Icarus collection. It is a 24 inch high mohawk made with pheasant feathers. There are multiple layers of feathers to create a layered and full look. The base of the headdress is also covered in pheasant feathers. Each one is laid down individually to cover the headdress evenly and while brilliant flashes of color.

The horns are unique items to our shop. They are covered in black diamond rhinestones.

The headdress is worn with an adjustable head harness. It fits most head sizes.

This headdress weighs about 2 pounds.

* Each of these headdresses is handmade. Small details may change from piece to piece depending on availability, but we will make sure to keep them as close as possible.

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