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This is a file! It is not a paddle. This file can be used by people who own 3D printers to print their own paddle. If you do not own a 3D printer, or know how to use STL files, do not purchase this. There are no refunds. 

The file is an STL. It is manifold and ready for your slicer. It prints without supports. I recommend a minimum of 15% infill but the more infill you put the heavier the paddle you will have. Gyroid infill is recommended. You can scale the paddle to whatever size you like. Keep in mind at smaller sizes the small circles on the tops of the blocks may become stringy or otherwise fail on printers that aren't tuned well. 

*By purchasing this file you acknowledge that this a downloadable file and not a physical item. You acknowledge that we are in no way responsible for your ability or skill when it comes to printing said file and we do not provide tech support for your printer. 

Upon purchase an email will be sent to you with a link for your download. You agree not to distribute the file. Seriously, don't be a dick. We are all trying to make a living here. 

Regular File- This file is not for commercial distribution. Do not sell copies of this file or prints you have made with this file. Our logo is embossed into the paddle in this file. This is for private use only. 

Commercial license for this file- 

Purchasing the commercial license allows you to sell your prints of this file! This version of the file will not have our logo embossed into it. It does NOT ALLOW you to sell or distribute the file in any way. Only physical prints you have printed. Again, don't be a dick.

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