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Leather Claws for Costume
Costume Leather Claw Gloves
Leather Claws
Leather Claw Gloves for Costume
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Leather Claws- Gloves- Pick your Color
Leather Claws- Gloves- Pick your Color
Leather Claws- Gloves- Pick your Color

Leather Claws- Gloves- Pick your Color

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These leather claw gloves are great for people who need to be able to actually handle some items when wearing them! They are made of hand molded and dyed veg tan leather with resin cast claws. Leather claws make a really cool addition to many different costumes. Originally, I made them based on the Ring Wraiths but have seen them used for dragon costumes, demons, witches, werewolves, chocobos and a bunch of others. The leather claws are made from high-grade leather so they're durable and will last as long as you take care of them.

This listing is for a right and left pair.

Elastic straps go around each finger just above the knuckle and this first joint does bend, allowing for the separate motion of every claw. The last joint of your fingers will be free with the claws resting on top. You can see how they move here-

In my opinion, this style is much better if you need to actually pick anything up or handle small objects (like a cell phone).

They are made of veg tan leather that is dyed by hand. I can do almost any color except white. I do NOT do scale patterned versions. The claws are resin cast (you can file them to sharper points if desired as long as you use fine grade sandpaper) and can come in different colors by request. Custom charges may apply.

Measuring- The red line goes all the way around the hand across the knuckles. The blue line goes from the wrist to the tip of your middle finger.