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Rainbow Suede Flogger - In Stock

Rainbow Suede Flogger - In Stock

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This flogger is made with soft black suede leather tails. This would be a great warm-up and sensation play piece as well as for light/medium intensity play. The handle is braided in bright metallic rainbow leather.

We use cowhide suede that is 4/5 oz in thickness. In leatherworker speak that means it's thicker than most pigskin suedes and some other cowhide suedes, What is suede, and is it leather? Yes! When a hide is tanned it's typically much thicker than people think. So a layer is shaved off of the underside, or the flesh side. Think like meat or cheese at a deli. This slice is then tanned separately and becomes a suede.

Suedes are known for their soft knap on both sides of the hide. Most leathers only have a knap on the flesh side. They hold color and dyes very well and are great for digital printing and emulsion tanning. 

The tails are 20 inches and the handle is 8 inches. All of my floggers are made by hand in my shop in Los Angeles. This one has a steel core and is balanced. 

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