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Rainbow Thumper Flogger - In Stock

Rainbow Thumper Flogger - In Stock

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Thumpers are the kings of thuddy floggers and it doesn't get much more colorful than this. The handle and braids of this piece are done in brightly hued metallic rainbow leather that is stunningly bright. Each tail is a different color of the rainbow.

These floggers are some of my fastest sellers due to their thuddy sensation. The knots can look scary, but most of the impact is in the tassels and they will hit harder than the knots ever will when used properly. ;)

The tassels are 6 inches long, the entire tail (braids and tassels) is 20 inches long, the handle is 8 inches long.

All of my bdsm floggers are made by hand in my studio 

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