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Ruler of Hades Costume and Cosplay Horns- Made to Order

Ruler of Hades Costume and Cosplay Horns- Made to Order

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Beautiful curvy horns for costume and cosplay! These are lightweight, detailed and very easy to wear. They use an adjustable elastic strap to stay on or you can request then Unmounted (without the strap) if you wish to attach them to a headpiece yourself.

The horns are sold by the pair. The price is for both. You can choose to have them mounted on a headband or leave them unmounted. The angle of the horns cannot be adjusted on the band and we ship them angled as shown in the photo. The horns are VERY lightweight and easy to wear. They are much lighter than resin, cardboard, and even foam in many cases.

* These horns are 3D printed and have markings and rough points that are normal for these kinds of items. We do our best to place these rough spots where they won't be seen but we cannot defy the laws of physics in printing. Please review the photos carefully before purchasing as we do not issue refunds or exchanges for these rough points.

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