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Queen of the Nile Leather Harness- Made to Order

Queen of the Nile Leather Harness- Made to Order

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Black Leather and steel hardware; this harness is classy and bold. Pair it with a corset or waist cincher for a powerful and dramatic look. While the harness looks intricate and complicated it is comfortable and allows the full range of movement. The harness is extremely adjustable and secures in the back in a series of descending rings and buckles and is made from 6-7 oz oil tanned leather which makes it tough but smooth.

This can be worn alone or with a waist cincher or corset. It makes an amazing accessory to a dungeon outfit or a low-key alternative body harness. This is not one of the cheap faux leather or elastic harnesses you find that tear after a week. This is real leather that is thick enough to make this a hardy piece.

The harness is very adjustable! Use your hip measurement to choose your size.


Pick size based on your hip measurement in Inches

S- 28-33
M- 34-39
L- 40-45
XL- 46-51
XXL 52-57

Keep in mind that the harness is very adjustable, so if your measurement falls a little above or below simply round to the nearest size.

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