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Red and Black Fluffinator flogger- Made to Order

Red and Black Fluffinator flogger- Made to Order

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Fluffinators are deceitful. These floggers look like they're nice and fluffy and couldn't hurt a fly. While they are nice and fluffy, they harbor a dark secret. Each tail is loaded with a packet of steel shot. These feel like getting hit by a fluffy truck. 

If you like a hard hitting thud, these floggers have it. The tails are made with faux fur that is very soft. It can be cleaned with warm (not hot) water and a bit of laundry detergent. Make sure to dry it with the tails spread out to ensure they dry all the way through. The leather handle can be cleaned with leather conditioner.

The tails are 18" long, the handle is 8" long and made with a steel core. This flogger is balanced but the shot does mean it has a slight pull since so much of the weight is concentrated at the ends.

The handle of this piece is braided in red and black

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