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Rose Thorn Cat O Nine- Made to Order

Rose Thorn Cat O Nine- Made to Order

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Rose Bloom Color

Rose Thorn Cat O Nine Flogger with Rose Handles and Thorns braided into the leather tails.

These cat o nines are not for the faint of heart. If you're looking for a toy that has a mean bite then these cat o nines deliver. 

They're "ball" handle floggers and are very light in the hand. The tails are braided with dense plastic "thorns" that are very pokey and very sharp. 

If you're a lazy top like me and you like a big bang for your effort these are great. They leave welts and scratches almost immediately without much power behind your throw. 

The thorns can be cleaned with your cleanser of choice (alcohol, hibiclense, etc) but please keep that crap off the leather and only use actual leather soaps and conditioners for the braided tails. Things like alcohol and most spray cleaners used in dungeons will degrade leather over time

The tails are 19 inches long and the rose blooms are available in a few different colors. The tails and thorns are green and the neck of the bloom is dark silver.


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